Shropshire Business Directory

Welcome to the Shropshire Online Business Directory

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The Shropshire Online Business Directory has been developed to help local businesses reach as many potential customers and suppliers as possible. It is FREE of charge for Shropshire businesses to register and provides a fully searchable database of local companies.


Search for businesses in the Shropshire area by name, location, Postcode, category or sub-category.

Add your company to the Business Directory

If your company is based in Shropshire, add your company details for a FREE listing in the directory. Simply enter your details in the form, once these details have been checked, your business will be listed in the directory. Your listing includes a map of your location, based on your postcode. Upon adding your company you will receive a random password so that you can update your business details whenever necessary.

Edit your company details

Registered users can log in here to update their business details

If you have queries regarding the use of this site or adding your business to the directory please contact:

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